Cheese Please!


6 x Quebec’s classic cheese
6 x snacks/meals a day
6 x parts to a culinary adventure

As foodie and cheese lover, I was really excited to explore the recipes of Épisodes : une aventure culinaire en six temps. The concept of the short cookbook is satisfying all those cravings throughout the day with healthy and easy recipes using our classic local cheeses.

I tried 4 recipes and made a cheese platter. Here are my thoughts:

Fig and cheese muffins
  • This recipe made me discover a new cheese, Allégro, a high-protein and lactose-free snack, perfect for lactose intolerant friends! The muffins are a great way to start the day with a smoothie or coffee. I added cranberries for some extra fruits, it was easy and fast to cook.
Kale and cabbage salad with Saint-Paulin cheese shavings
  • Any recipe with Saint-Paulin cheese is always a good idea! I paired the crab mac and cheese with this kale salad and it was super savory! The slight bitterness of the cabbage balanced the sweetness of the cheeses. It’s also a good combo for some easy greens to any plate.
Crab Mac and Cheese
  • The mac and cheese was my favorite. The cheeses used were Gouda and Havarti, a tasty combination of sweet and salty dairy goodness. FYI – I couldn’t find lobster stock at the groceries, so I replaced it with beef stock and it was delightful.
Naan pizza with Brie L’Extra, figs and prosciutto
  • My boyfriend was the one to test the recipe and he loved because it was easy, quick and yummy. Naan + Brie L’Extra + Prosciutto, what’s not to love!
Cheese platter
  • The popular Oka and Brie L’Extra cheeses are always loved on a cheese platter. Pair it with your favorite snacks and you’re ready to host.

Overall: tasty, easy, and cheesy!

Another great thing about the book is that when you buy 3 Agropur cheeses in participating grocers such as IGA, Metro, Provigo and Loblaws, you receive this recipe book as an early Christmas present! It’s a win-win, you have the ingredients for cheesy delights and the recipe book to put those cheeses to good use.

Épisodes : une aventure culinaire en six temps is perfect to add some new recipes to those crazy family dinners and also makes a lovely hostess gift during the holidays.


Bon appétit!


My cooking adventure in photos:

Fig and cheese muffins

Ta da! Kale and cabbage salad with Saint-Paulin cheese shavings meets Crab Mac and Cheese

Naan pizza with Brie L’Extra, figs and prosciutto, served with pear, parmesan, arugula salad

Cheese platter


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